All About Allyson

Welcome to Reading, Writing and Raising Boys, my little piece of the universe where I blog about books, writing, parenting–and everything in between.


I’m a homeschooling mom to third grader JC and our newest addition, H.  When my oldest son was just a tot, someone asked him what his parents did. He replied, “Daddy is a business man! He runs stuff. And Mama…well…” I remember his face brightening when he found the right thought.

“My mama writes words.”

It’s true. I love words. I am collector and distributor of words, and nothing thrills me more than when I find a word that I have to look up in the dictionary.

When I’m not at home researching ways to make a real lightsaber with my eight-year-old (he’s positive it can be done) I can be found working my own book and editing books for others.

Thank you for stopping by! Be sure and leave me a message so I can hear your story, too.

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